Firefly Hope Project, English


The FIREFLY an inspiring and amazing creature and the reason why we call that project Firefly Hope Project"
It lights its path in this special way, using all its power, even in the darkest night. 
And if it comes together with other fireflies, together they become the brightest universe of hope.

It shines so bravely and powerfully, even if it's so small! 
And if we compare the FIREFLY with all the people who, despite darkness and hopelessness, never give up and are always brave. and if we compare all helpers with it, who always try to give light and hope to people in need ... Then you discover the uniqueness of the Firefly and of the so called Firefly Hope Project.
The Firefly Hope Project is a small, humanitarian, non-profit project that offers direct support to people in need.

* We give material and mental support, people in need. For people who have left their hope behind on the barbed wire of the European borders and have to live and survive in the worst conditions in the camps or on the streets.

* We help directly in the hotspots, on places where the help is needed the most. Actually we are mainly based in Greece.

* 100% of our donations and material goods reach the people in need and are distributed personally by the Firefly Hope team

* Material help is not all what we give. Because love and caring is the most important thing a human soul needs. So we try to bring back their voice, their hope and their courage to the people. We listen, we give a helping hand, we give respect and acceptance and we try to take care of the soul wounds that they carry with themselfes. Because people - children as well adults suffer badly from trauma and mental neglect. That is why we want to give support here too and are voice,the ears, the helping hands for those who need us.

Learn more about our story and about mental support here ---> Über uns

Let's be a FIREFLY, let's be a light to those in need and let's fix the broken wings of those who can no longer fly!

with all of my love,

Natalie Kling ( Founder Firefly Hope Project )

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