The Past

Would it not be easier if we let our past behind ? To forget about it? To clear it from our mind?

No i dont think so!

Listen why..

Because that is the part of us that made us to that individuals we are today, made us unique. The part of us which made us stronger.
Any part of us was effected by our experiences and our broken pieces. If we try to bring the pieces together, we will find ourselfes as a whole picture, a whole history, we start feeling complete !
And when you think everything is finished, it will be the beginning.

People say they try to forget about the past to be able to survive. But you only can survive if you include all pieces of you in one whole picture. Trauma and bad conditions cant be recovered with forgetting, it can be recovered with moving forward. Every good moment in the presence heal a bad moment from the past. Every beautiful experience heal a bad one.
If we work on that we will see changes. Yes its challenging but its also effectful.
When i feel the past is haunting me, i stop running away. I Stop and ask what it wants. Bad memories try to tell us a story. And if we just run away we will never listen to that story.

If we say, yes it happend to me, but hey i am still here and how did i manage to get over it? and if we figure out how to handle with , that is the key for our path to a better future.
If we face something bad it has an effect on us, we should step over it trying to cover the bad with something good.

Daily… collect the simple nice moments…it can move Mountains in you. Being able to give selfcare can move Mountains in you.
To forgive yourself is the first step to a better future.
Because the most of us feel guilty about what happend in the past. But it was not our fault, it was the situation, the conditions, the circumstances. We are not wrong as we are, we are enough. Its not our fault. And the mistakes from the past can give a Chance for a new beginning in the future.
If we find ourselfes on the ground, losing all our hope. Lets remember what helped us in the past to step over it. For Every challenge that we receive, we also receive the needed tool to manage it.

Focus on the things which give a positive feeling today and save every moment of it in your heart. That makes you refill your energy.
Bring the broken pieces in one whole picture and you will see, all small pieces make up a beautiful YOU !!!

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