There is a dark shadow over me..there is a monster under my bed….

I hear him crying, he is suffering in his dreams.. i hear him begging.. i hear him shouting..

He doesnt realize why he is so tired during the day.
He doesnt realize why his whole body is hurting, when he gets up in the morning. He tries to relax, to get some sleep, tries to recover.. But he doesnt suceed !

He doesnt know how it feels…To catch some sleep, to recover, to rest during the night, to refill the energy .. because every night when he falls asleep he get haunted, killed, tortured and has to fight for his life.

Its about months now.. maybe a year that he has fleed his difficult conditions, that he reached a save place. But he still get haunted in his dreams. And he even doesnt realize that he is still not save, that he is still on the run !

And then.. i told him all that. I told him what i heard, what i know.

He was shocked, he felt like that i watched behind the scene. He felt like that i found out his dark secrets. But.. There is nothing to be ashamed. Its not his fault. Its not!
There is a monster under his bed and he doesnt need to fight it alone.

Its not about how to get over it and how to survive it. its about how to face that problem and to make it disappear.

* When he needs to turn the light on during the night, he should do that.
* When he needs someone next to him, he should ask for it.
* When he needs something around him what makes him feel save, he should look for it. Sometimes its just a simple thing, like an old photo, or a nice parfume smell
* He needs to talk about his bad experiences from the past, to work on it during the day. so it will let him go during the night !
* He should try to remember what he was dreaming, make a note about, so he could work on it during the day.

Its haunting him, because there is a dark shadow over him. Called trauma!
Its like an open door and the monsters enter it freely… and its about how to close the door again..
The solution is – healing !

I asked them all about their dreams, there are so many with monsters under the bed.. There are so many suffering from that..

One of them answered..he drown tonight, someone put hands on his shoulder and pull him down into the deep

Another said , the men came back to rape his sister again and he couldnt do anything, as he couldnt in the past

Another said, he couldnt save his friend in the ocean and he still hears his friend calling his name

Another said, he just felt like he will die but he couldnt move or scream

Another one was stabbed in his back again and again, every night

Another one said, trying to rescue his family and not to suceed

Healing means, to step over it. To work on it. To look behind the scene. Healing means, to break the chains which hold you back to step into a better future.
If you break the circle, you can step over.
If you break your mental cage, you can step over.

Healing means care for the wounds you have. Dont cover it, care for it.
Its not a shame to have a monster under your bed. So many have the same as you ! Just step over it.
Work on it.
Face your fear and you will find cure !

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