His Story.

Waiting for Asylum Decision…………………….

A story of K, a story of everyone who find herself/himself in the same position:

” I never saw him crying but today was the night, that he didnt hide his pain anymore!

After he started crying, saying that there is no point to fight, when they don’t accept, don’t like and don’t respect people like him.
His tears running his face and he keeps looking at me. He says whats the point to struggle so hard, when i know there is no place for me here in that world.
He says i see myself back to that nightmare, in war, struggling and diying in the end. Because i didn’t get a chance to build my life in a safe place. I can’t focus on anything, because my thoughts turn around my unsave position.

How can a person survive that situation while thinking about that all day and all night.
I cant stop myself thinking about that, since many years now.
Can you imagine how broken i am?

He says, How can a person handle with all the doubts, all that pain, all the negative thoughts? The weight is to heavy to carry it all.
No matter what i start, i cant keep working on it because i dont see the meaning in it.
Its not Important to finish what i started, when i know i will lose it in the end.

Can you imagine how it feels being imcomplete? Feeling under pressure, having that negative vibes on you all the time!?! “


He stopped crying, took a deep breath, stopped looking at me, turned one of his sad favourite songs on and said, i have to get up early tomorrow morning, i need to keep fighting, so i will! Good Night

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