His Story, he is just 14

Look at the picture…. The next time, when you see a Truck like this one, along the balkan route – keep in mind – at that moment, maybe people are dying in there.

It’s his story and that is just a part of it, he’s 14 and finally escaped this nightmare, just a few days ago!
Now he sit in front of me and tells me his story! While talking, he keeps looking out of the window, as if he is experiencing this nightmare over and over again.

Then he says – I said to myself, if I just breathe a little and don’t use to much oxygen and save my energy, I’ll survive it. I didnt move, like a doll, while everyone else hit the walls and screamed for help.
They checked on me, if I was still alive but I just stayed in one place and breathed as little as possible.
It was a white truck , no windows and no air. People knocked and hit the walls, crying for help, but the Truck kept driving.
There were so many people in there and it was so dark.

He holds on for a moment and looks out of the window, silence. Then he takes a deep breath and says – we couldn’t breathe and if we kept driving 30 minutes more, all of us would have died. But Suddenly the truck stopped and everyone ran out.

I asked the “smuggler” for water, I begged him for water, but he sent me away. I had no other choice but to drink from the dirty water in the river in the forest. i knew that would make me sick but i just wanted to survive.

The people who were in the truck with me told me later that I was strong.. I didnt move, saved my energy and survived.
He smiled and said I knew I had to save my energy, I had to try to survive. I am 14 years old, it was so hard but I made it!

Later, i checked on him again asking how he is doing. he said that he is fine. he feels calm in his head needs to rest.
He said he needs a few more days until the sounds of the animals from the forest disappear, until the scream of the people and the faces of the smugglers disappear.
he said – my mind is different now, I was different when i was in Afghanistan. I think that was the moment when he left his childhood behind.

I don’t want to think about how many people have already lost their lives in this way. Painfully crying and screaming for air and oxygen.
That horrific, criminal human smuggling, human trafficking happens 24 hours per day. And it seems like nobody can stop it. A crime which is about money business and nobody cares about human life.

This sentence will never leave my heart again “we couldn’t breathe. 30 minutes more and we would had died”!

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