Do you regret…


I use to ask people, if they regret to have made that decision for life, a decision for that lifechanging step.
A desicion – leaving their country, leaving everything behind, leaving behind people they love. Deciding to walk this path, putting yourself in danger, hoping for a new life ?!

Someone replies – he would choose the same way, because he stands by his decisions.
Someone else answers – if he hadn’t made this decision, he would not have met the people which he has now in his life
Someone else says- he was often giving up and was desperate about the descion, but today he knows it was the right thing.
Someone else says- it would have been better somewhere else and he would change his plans if he could.
Keep in mind, everyone who has ever made a decision faces this question – whether it was right, whether it was all a waste of time, whether it was all for nothing.

I have an example, a young man in the young age of 18… – when he wanted to give up and was no longer ready to continue, he was tired and desperate … I asked him to give himself 6 months. 6 months to find out if it was worth it! BUT meanwhile, he has to use this time mindful, looking for the meaning of all the things that happen. After 6 months he decided to stay and he says he has never looked back again. Because he had found the meaning after he gave himself the chance for it. He decided to stay because running away is not an option. It’s not a waste of time, but a strive for life.

Sometimes you have to remind someone of his choices that were made. A decision can not be a mistake, it can be an experience, a new way, a new chance for a life, that was not possible before.

To everyone who is lying on the ground right now, to everyone who thinks that it no longer makes sense!
you made the decision choosing this way .. what would you change now and what kind of desicion would you make?
Have you given yourself time to think about , to think about what the meaning is?
The place where your decision came from, from the depth of the soul, there is also the strength to realize this decision and the power to manage that challenge.

There is no point to go back, only forward!

Now i ask everybody reading this – do you regret being there where you are right now?

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