Covid 19


i try to see the meaning in that all.
I cant remember that i have been that worry about the world and the situation before, as i am these days. But in the next moment i feel something is going to happen. Something new is going to happen. Something that changes the world a little.
I feel like the world stops turning and i am watching it from above.

And I take it as a useful reminder.. hm, we are transient.. our existence is not more than a single moment in a whole universe of moments and experiences.
Its a useful reminder for all of us, that nothing can stop a virus, if it comes to destroy the human beings.
It doesnt ask for finacial state, it doesnt ask for education, it doesnt ask where we are from. It spreads over all of us and reminds us how small we really are.
Its a reminder to all out there who are arrogant and stubborn refusing laws, rules and advices. Protesting against a virus that doesnt ask for their opinion. (Just realized – how ambiguous )

People are moving around focusing on themselfes hoping for the best, hoping for better times.

But what is the best for us ?
Is it the best to stay at the same level as before?
Is it the best way being arrogant and selfish.
Is it the best to keep your old job that you hate. Is it the best to live that life that was never meant for you.

What if there is a Chance to change something? To change something in us and to change something in others and around us.

We need a reminder to understand how small we are and how deep we fall when there is nothing left anymore than a ocean of our tears.

We need to remember where we come from and we will go to.

Taking it all as a chance during those difficult circumstances is the best what we can do.
1. Stay safe and take care for yourself and for others around you.
2. Make sure you are in that stage in life you always wanted to be and if not change something.
3.Dont be arrogant, let your arrogance go, we all are equal, there is no exusce for discrimination, hate and egoism
4. look around you and pray for what you have and what luck you have to live in a safe place, there are People they even dont have a roof over their head.
5. Ask yourself how the world will change your personality, if it stops turning for a while.
6. Use any chance you get. Its about being brave !

Nothing is as it seems to be. Everything happens for a reason!

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