You are like an iceberg

YOU are like an iceberg, a deep ocean, a huge universe !
There is so much to discover deep inside of YOUR SOUL

Only a small part of your personality and your being is visible to the world and the people in it.
Only the little part of the iceberg can be seen, but there is so much more to Discover!
You seem so small, so insignificant to the world, but there is so much more than what we can imagine.
Every single person has a depth, is great and important.

The hidden part of you has so much more to give, than what people see and realize. You just don’t know how to bring the “inner self” to the outside.

The soul lies within the inner center and if no one takes the effort to discover the inner, people will never stop judging each other, thinking negatively and being superficial.

The art of the whole story is, to see the invisible.

There is so much inside of you.
Bad, good, sad experiences, thousands of stories and secrets lie within you, but only a few can see the deepest point of yourself, but even you don’t know the deepest secrets about yourself.

People dont take a look into a soul, they only see the outer and judge and turn their back to someone who does not conform to the norm, to someone who looks different, comes from another country, lives a different culture or religion. People turn their back to someone who has a difficult personality, or who scares them, turn their back to something what they don’t know! If every person would take a look inside the soul of a person, looking for the meaning and looking for the reasons, they would see the depth and the meaning.

So thats why is it that much important that you accept and know yourself. Because, how do you want to heal, love, be free, if you never see what’s in the depths of your iceberg? How can you heal if you dont face your problems, if you never face your fears and never face your sadness?

You hide most of your personality in the depth in the hidden places of your huge universe and you don’t know yourself at all. But if the problems, worries, trauma, experiences, longings are not visible, it does not mean that they are not there to haunt you, to scare you, to stop you from being. If you feel imperfect and splitted, it is because you haven’t found your inner balance yet and that your iceberg and the depth of your personality are not on the same level.

And if you don’t know yourself and don’t accept yourself, no one else can ever accept you.

Look inside yourself. Search for your inner strength and power. Turn bad thoughts and experiences into positive energy. Activate your power, regulate your fears. Face your past to change your future to better and try to enjoy the presence.

Who are you?
Where are you from?
What made you who you are right now ?
What are your desires?
Where is your sadness?
What do you love?

You are wild, big, real, strong and worth to be known nd loved.
Find your inner center and your inner peace!
Believe in yourself

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