My mental cage

What shall i say if someone asks me who I really am?

Shall I tell them that I left my country when i was a child, after leaving behind my mother in tears. Should I mention that the bad men killed my father and it will also happen to me would i return back. Shall I tell, how I lost my best friends? That the boat sank and none of them showed up again and I couldn’t even say goodbye. Should i say that i have lived in poverty, counting the pieces of bread trying to survive? Should i say that i dont have any Documents and my identity is just a case number?
What should I say when i get asked why I came here?
How can I prove my neighbors that I don’t carry any hate in my heart?
What should I say to the girl I love, when she asks me about my life and me.

Can I look at myself in the mirror after that what has happened to me in all that time. Will i ever heal from what happened on those dark nights, when I was exposed to the dark. I still have scars on my skin which reminds me on that violence i have experienced, would someone wants to see them?
I can’t sleep peacefully and sometimes I scream in by bad dreams..will one person ever be able to stand or to sleep next to me?
Sometimes I am absent and sometimes I am aggressive, towards the whole world. Sometimes I can neither love nor feel. The most of the time I feel nothing!
Is there someone who can fill this emptiness in me? There is no one who knows the whole truth.

What do I say when someone asks?

Do people want to know me or just the one I pretend to be ?!

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