How heavy it must be to feel homesick
How do you feel?
YOU, that broken bird, with your broken wings, that have left his home country and his family ?

How do you feel, that you may never see your family again , because this life won’t let you. This politics, these conditions you live in wont let you.
How bad you must be homesick …

and when I ask you, what is your greatest wish, everyone answers – to see my mother and my family again –

… and then news from Eritrea reached him, that his mother has died. without ever having the chance to see her again
… and then a message reached him from Afghanistan that his brother was shot by the Taliban and that he will never have the chance to see him again.
… And then the news reached him from Afghanistan that his brother has married and he didnt have the chance to join the wedding celebration
..and the news from Somalia reached him that his sister gave birth to his niece. But he never gets the chance to be an uncle for that kid
..and then he got the call from Afghanistan, his best friend, who calls him regulary to talk about the good old times
….And then after years, he has been talking to his mother via video call and she is speechless that his son has grown up and she cries that she missed those years with him ..

Years go by, time is running, families are separated. Years or even forever!

How heavy it must be, how empty does it feels inside your soul!
How torn and splitted you must feel, when you don’t have a chance to see your family.
You are in a safe place, protected from bombs or terror, but you feel this emptiness that cannot be filled by anything.

You feel homesick, thats all !

And…He once told me that they do palm reading( hand reading) in Pakistan. He was a small boy and didn’t take the old palmreader seriously, who took a look in his hand. But now he remembers it, now he got it. The old man said: You will travel a lot in your life. A long journey. You will be alone a lot, alone and far away from home. It was not clear to him that one day he would be forced to leave his home and be thousands of kilometers away from his homecountry. Today he takes a deep breath and realized he found himself alone. He feels homesick, even after many years.

You are travelers, who never arrive.
Promises weren’t kept
Tears weren’t dried
Hearts were broken
Hands were not hold

But still …all of you respect and love your families, even when they are not around. You remember each moment and keep it in your heart. Deep in your heart, there is a place that you can reunite with your beloved. In your homeland…Keep that place safe and never give up to believe that there is a Chance to see each other again !

Thank you for being strong, even when you struggle a lot.
All those who feel alone, you are not alone, you are loved and appreciated and not forgotten. You are my heroes !

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