Hey you behind the mask !

/Hey you, behind the mask. – Yes, you are the one i am looking to.

You tried hard to hide yourself. So No one can see your pain behind your smile. Well, you have managed to present your masked persinality to us, so we couldnt see your broken soul.
But i did!

Didnt you say that we live in different worlds and I dont understand you? But that’s not true.

And you know what, you can push me away from you as much as you want, I’ll stay there. I am the person who takes your hand, even on your darkest path.

Without your mask – you are not ugly, you are real, you are someone special. You are broken but you are still strong. You are aggressive but still emotional. You are so rude but still so caring. You feel splitted, you feel dark. And you must think you can hide it behind your mask. But you dont need to.

When I ever see tears on your eyes, I’ll put it in a treasure chest, because that’s a sign that inside your soul you’re still alive. You are not alone, you are not forgotten, you are not ugly, you are beautiful, with all your scars!

Hey you, I’m here


and when I take off my mask …

I know I can’t be beautiful anymore, but it would help to get some sparkle back! So listen to me even if I have nothing to say! Listen to me even when I’m not speaking! Listen to what I don’t say, answer me to what I didn’t ask for! Be sure that I believe no one will understand me. I feel like nobody can hear me scream. I’m not screaming, but I’m screaming loudly! Can’t you see the sadness in my eyes, I feel it deep in my soul.

Can’t you see the scars? Don’t you see my weakness

I know I’m so cold, so unwelcoming, so distant, so imperfect. I know I hit, I scream, I destroy, but don’t you think I just want to be loved and accepted like you? I haven’t experienced the feeling of love and acceptance in years. Can you imagine how difficult it is for me to take your hand

In my opinion everyone around me is dangerous and will break me if I open up.

So please listen to me and look into my eyes, I’ll give you the chance to take my hand if you won’t let me down. I’ll give you a chance if you give me one. I’m no different from you, I’m just broken!

And I just wish someone would pick up my broken pieces. Because I also want to be beautiful and colorful. I am aware that I can no longer shine in full beauty, but it helps me if I just sparkle a little more. So please listen to me!

to be continued …..

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