Behind the scene ( English )

/THE MENTAL HEALTH – Lets take a look behind the scene!!!

Its so important to think about the mental health of traumatised person.

We try to care for him, we try to get him food, an accomodation, get him asylum advices and get him a lawyer, we try to fight for his rights and to understand his cultures, we check his health and get him medicine.

All these points are absolutely important! But – we cant fix someone if we dont consider the mental health!!!!

We cant fix a person if he is broken from inside.

A vulnerable person cant take and convert advices into reality- like: try to find a job, integration is important, love yourself, help others, stay strong, be patient, dont get mad…etc ! If someone feels broken and lost inside he is a mess outside. He tries to avoid the reality. He feels guilty and cant overcome it. He is thinking about suicide the most of the time, because he doesnt see the meaning in life !

And until we dont understand and dont knock that door, we will never suceed in getting into the soul of someone. We should start with the simple things, spending time together to understand him. We must ask him what we can do, to clean up his mess. If he doesnt feel alone with his issue, he starts to share.
Important is to make him understand, you dont give up on him even when he is in a bad mood and sends you to hell.. we must realize that no one was made for a broken soul and if it happend, it was not his fault, it was because of the conditions, of trauma, of violence and torture.

And its like he is watching himself from above because the pain feels better when he splitts himself!

Dont see the bad actions someone did, ask him why he did that..what must be happend to him that he lost his personality and his good spirit?!

When we take a look behind the scene, behind the mask, we get the chance to bring someone into the light again!

to be continued ….

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